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Birmingham Warehouse Cafe
Fri, 29/03/2019

Solidfund members voted to make a £2,500 contribution to Birmingham Warehouse Café, which re-opened as a worker co-op in February.

Sail Cargo South East logo
Mon, 01/10/2018

Members voted to support Sailboat Project and its new venture, Sail Cargo South East (SCSE), with £1,000 towards the cost of developing a strategic brand identity.

Kitty's Artists Impression
Wed, 01/08/2018

North Liverpool residents are opening a new launderette in the Everton-Anfield area. It's a worker-community coop, so its members will be both employees and service users.

Open 2018 web landing page graphic
Fri, 01/06/2018

Members agreed to budget up to £2,000 worth of bursary tickets and travel costs for low-income worker cooperators wanting to attend the Open:2018 two-day event.

Creative Workers Coop Logo
Sun, 15/04/2018

SolidFund has voted to donate £3,750 to Creative Workers Co-operative (CWC) to help with the purchase of video production equipment.

Group photo from CoTech's 2017 retreat
Sat, 02/12/2017

By a unanimous vote on Loomio, SolidFund members approved a grant

'Hire Ourselves ' graphic
Fri, 18/08/2017
Solidfund members have agreed funding for up to £6,600 to find the next generation of worker co-op development advisers.
Natural Food Store
Mon, 24/07/2017

Fund members voted to pledge £1,000 to a coop buyout crowdfunding by the employees of Natural Food Store in Diss, Norfolk, UK.

AltGen Stickers
Thu, 18/05/2017

In 2016, SolidFund members agreed to underwrite a programme of events to inspire and educate young people and freelancers about organising in coops.

Thu, 17/11/2016

SolidFund supported Jonas Algers to attend the 2017 Platform Cooperativism conference in New York.

Altgen profile pic
Thu, 27/10/2016

Solidfund members discussed and agreed to make a contribution of just under £6,000 to Altgen, in support of its work to develop new programmes of support and education for young people wanting to be involved in worker cooperatives.

Join hands
Fri, 29/07/2016

November will see the first of a new type of event for the co-operative movement, based on the success of Community SOUP events in the United States.